Who can use ISTARE?

Four categories of users have access to the ISTARE tool via their individual usernames and passwords, defining their access level.

Level 1 (Local user):

  • Enters, edits and saves national haemogivance data but cannot submit it

Level 2 (National super-user):

  • Enters and edits data
  • Submits national data (this locks the data)
  • Requests registration of national users
  • Views national reports, views general reports
  • Extracts national data

Level 3 (ISTARE Working Group):

  •  Views all data
  • Extracts all data
  • Does NOT edit data
  • Views all reports
  • Communicates with national super-users about data issues and annual closure

Level 4 (Administrator (International super-user):

  • Registers countries and users, issues passwords
  • Views all data
  • Extracts all data
  • Does NOT edit data
  • At request of ISTARE Working Group or national super-user, unlocks national data for correction
  • At request of international steering group (ISG), proceeds to annual closure of data