Country Membership

IHN’s primary membership consists of national, operational haemovigilance systems. These organisations join the group on behalf of their country, with a nominated lead member who is usually the head (director, president) of the national haemovigilance system of that country.  Please send an email to for information or questions about membership for your country.

Individual Membership

Individuals working in haemovigilance from member countries are encouraged to participate in all aspects of IHN and are eligible to become individual members of IHN with no further cost. The application requires approval of the OCP (Official Contact Person) of your country. Please fill out the application and send it to the OCP of your country for approval.  The OCP will then endorse the application by typing their name (or inserting their electronic signature) on the form and emailing it back to the Secretary of IHN from their own email address, as registered with IHN for the role of OCP.

IHN is currently reviewing its membership model, to ensure that there are maximum opportunities for participation, including for individuals who do not reside in participating countries.  If you are interested, please send an email to


Application form for country membership
Application form for individual membership

If you have questions or comments regarding IHN membership, please contact the secretary at